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There Will Be No IRS Refunds If Shutdown Continues

Chile…. Ya’ll better hope this Government Shut down ends soon, because it’s looking real grim for people expecting a refund this year. Gonna be hard to live your best life when that refund check don’t come through.

USA Today:

The agency has categorized issuing tax refunds as a “non-excepted” activity — meaning those tasked with processing refunds would be furloughed during a shutdown. Meanwhile, several types of tax return processing were deemed “Necessary for the Safety of Human Life or Protection of Government Property.” 

As budget negotiations to reopen the government have stalled over President Donald Trump’s demand for funding to build a border wall, the risk is growing that tax refunds could be delayed if furloughed IRS workers don’t return to work.
H&R Block Senior Tax Analyst Jon Helping says that taxpayers shouldn’t wait for a shutdown resolution before filing their taxes, even if the potential for a lengthy tax refund delay exists. 
A delay in tax refunds is likely to disproportionately affect low-income Americans, The Wall Street Journal reports. With little or no income-tax liability, these taxpayers often use a sizable refund to help pay down debt, the publication says. 

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