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There’s A New App For Men To Send Invoices After Date!

Well, so much for chivalry, there’s a new app that’s owned by Paypal called Venmo that’s turning these man child’s into stingy dates.

The app, launched in 2012, lets users link debit and credit cards online to send and request money.

Shaquan Bailey, a 22-year-old caretaker, was thrilled when a guy she met online invited her out for their third date at a restaurant near her Bed-Stuy apartment.

She thought the date had gone well — until the guy sent her a $30 payment request on Venmo to cover half the dinner bill, which she grudgingly paid.

“I cut him off so quickly and stopped texting him back,” Bailey told The Post. “I do not have time for scrubs.”

“I had a guy who asked me to Venmo him to pay for a $3 well drink,” fumed Tammy, a 21-year-old beauty blogger who asked that her last name be withheld for professional reasons.

“And I was like, ‘Bye.’ Where are all the real men?”

This is why you must establish who’s paying before you agree to go on a date with someone.. Before it was common knowledge, when a man asks you on a date, you automatically knew he was paying!

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