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TIME Is Our Most Precious Resource; Don’t Waste IT!

When think about time, wouldn’t you say that we waste it or take it for granted? I know for me I always feel that I have time; only to be hit with the reality that I truly don’t…

Most would agree with me, when I say that time is our most precious resource. The hourglass of life, the most valuable commodity on the face of this earth. Some people associate time with money hence the quote” time is money”. I’m writing this article to inform you that time is time. You can get money back if its lost, spend or borrowed.


Time is something that can not be grown, purchased or given back. Once its gone it’s gone. I’ve heard and said this line alot” THERE IS NOT ENOUGH TIME IN A DAY.” When At work or school we wish time couldn’t come any faster to get on with the rest of our day. While on vacation we hope time slows down so that time could never end. Not enough or too much seems to always plague our mind when it comes to time, long lasted, or short lived ,time is either with us or against us.

As people we need to take time more seriously. If time permits you (as it should) take the time to reach out to a love one, maybe your grandparents , parents,aunt, uncle ,brother sister, or an old friend. Hey! you never know when it could be your last time, because in the times we’re living in it’s not promised….

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