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To The Stars ‘A Celebrity XO Memoir’

Imagine … Invisibility. Flight. The ability to grant 3 wishes. All in the name of fame. Child-like fantasies. Sure! I am one of the countless who always envisioned myself famous, who millions want to be like… winning shot after winning shot. 6 NBA finals. 6 championship rings. Birthing mini me’s in the process. A proud father? Yes, especially of your oldest boy. He’s been to 8 finals but finished w/ 5. Secretly you say to yourself,” you can never outshine the master son”. Ironman. The youngest heavyweight of all time. He could light up Atlantic city and Vegas. Then knock em out. You think mama said that?

I use to moonwalk across the kitchen floor in my socks. I was about a year old when he created it. His style, dress, and music still inspires today. Shout out to breezy … VA!!! If they had a dance off he’ll tell him “deuces, I’m bad”. How about the incomparable wonder woman. I use to see her on grandma’s television set every day. She loves the color purple and has her ‘OWN’ network. You think Harry Belafonte would have thought marching in Selma would introduce common and john to an Oscar?

I had a dream too. Celine Dion and Alicia keys did a song together, Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus produced it. Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin and Shania Twain sang back up. Nicki Minaj and Iggy azalea offered to be the rap feature. But they chose Queen Latifah , hmmm … U-N-I-T-Y. Spike Lee directed the Video .You know prolific women gotta have it. Plus he always did the right thing. It was so hot I woke up sweating w/ Jungle fever. Yeah I know …Sounds B.I.G. but it was all a dream.

In Reality being famous is a gift and at times a curse. The small things becomes big. Don’t triple. Shaking hands, kissing babies, taking selfies with fans that can create memories forever. Seemingly you have no worries, your grass looks greener, which brings more snakes. Sorry paparazzi!

However, vicariously we live through them. A people who are sometimes not looked at as human. Most try to do their best. When they get hurt, lose something or someone, they cry too. Stars shine bright for a reason. Beacons who light our paths. Easing our burdens as we carry our weight on this journey. Selfishly driven in most cases. Nonetheless their happiness is misplaced or overlooked. Just to ensure millions of others happiness.
So what about a stars closest to you? The ones you can reach out and touch…Mama, daddy, grandma or big siblings? How about the Mr. Clark’s who said “Lean on me” and go as far as the eyes can see. Where’s the Aunt Viv’s (Fresh Prince) who said” don’t let success go to your head and failure go to your heart”. What about our Arm Forces who protect our great nation and our rights to be free? The many officers who don’t shoot while hands are up… Let’s not forget our heroes who fight fires, cleaned up 9-1-1 and did a calendar at the same damn time!
Who cares for our elderly, delivers our babies, and treats a plethora of ailments? Most of us would not be there without them. The Doctors! Not Huxtable or Dre but we love you too (minus the allegations Cosby).
Everyone is a star to someone in some shape, form, or fashion. All celebrities are not stars and all stars are not celebrities. But the one commonality: All stars possess the spirit of doing something that makes someone else’s life brighten. Salute to the stars!

Celebrity XO
J Da Penman & H. Hutchinson

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