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Toni Braxton Owes $125k In State Taxes

Toni Braxton is back in hot water again and this time it’s for not paying her state taxes, only two years after a judge discharged her massive $10 million+ debt in her 2nd bankruptcy case.

According to The

According to official records filed in California, the state filed a tax lien against the singer and Braxton Family Values reality star on August 17th in Los Angeles. The lien accuses Toni of failing to pay $124,316 in taxes.

The State of California will begin seizing her assets and property if the singer doesn’t settle the debt ASAP.

Back in 2014, a Federal Court judge granted Toni a discharge of her massive debt in her 2nd bankruptcy after the case dragged on for over 5 years. Toni had racked up over $10 million in debt without many assets.


And people were mad at Oprah because she went “in” on her behind about her spending habits. I love me some Toni, but she clearly lacks the ability to count coins..

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