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Tori Spelling Sued By American Express Again For $87k!

Tori Spelling’s credit drama is far from over, back in January Tori Spelling was sued by American Express for $38k and she was ordered to pay the balance in full as well as an additional $855.

According to

Spelling has a balance of $87,595.55 on one of her American Express credit cards, and is now being sued for payment. A copy of the card statement shows the account is now canceled. “No part of said sum has been paid, although demand for payment has been made,” the documents read about Spelling’s credit card balance. This isn’t the first time Spelling and her husband, 49-year-old Dean McDermott, have dealt with financial issues. According to court papers obtained by ET in July, the state of California placed a tax lien for $259,108.23 on the couple’s property stemming from state taxes that allegedly went unpaid in 2014.

Tori Spelling is a prime example of someone who lives outside of their means… Literally!

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