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Transgender Youtuber Exposes Her Encounter With Rapper Tyga

Listen, at this point we all know that Tyga loves the lady boys; that explains why Iggy Azalea was questioning herself as to why Tyga has yet to hit on her.. Remember when Tyga was exposed for loving the T-girls longtime back in 2015 ? Click here if you missed that… Now another one has come forward. I wish Tyga would live his truth!

A T-girl by the name of LA Demi took to her Youtube page to tell her story about her encounter with the Rack City rapper, says that they met while at a club with some friends and he immediately was drawn to her.

They then started DM’ing each other for three weeks before they met up with each other again in Vegas, once he comes back he meets her at the club and she gets escorted to the DJ Booth. They hang for out awhile and eventually take their party back to his hotel room.

Once at the hotel, LA Demi is escorted in a different elevator than Tyga and he brings other groupies who were actual women along, to pretty much play it off.

He eventually kicks the other women out, leaving La Demi and her alleged best friend…

LA Demi goes to the bathroom and when she comes out her friend ended up exposing her to Tyga and he tells her to follow him and his friend to the room so they can really see if she’s a woman… Tyga and his bestfriend wanted her to show her goods in front of everyone.

LA Demi pulls T-RAWW to the side and says to come into the bedroom with her.

In the bedroom she tells him to never put her on the spot like that again, and that Tyga knew she was trans. She was hurt he was playing dumb and that he had no clue.

The two ladies were eventually escorted out, but in her video she has footage her with Tyga in his hotel, they did not have sex, but I guess because her friend betrayed her and Tyga played Ray Charles to knowing that she was trans, she decided to giver her followers a little tea time!

She forgot to mention that she sucked his… But, nevertheless….. I Digress.

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