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Trayvon Martin redux? ‘Neighborhood Watch’ Kills 20-Year-Old Outside North Carolina Home

This is just sad that again another black male lost by a coward who went on an assumption and decided to take the law in his own hands. This is getting really old now!

A North Carolina man who said he was “on the neighborhood watch” fatally shot a 20-year-old from inside his garage before telling a 911 dispatcher he was protecting his family from “hoodlums,” according to Raleigh police.

Chad Copely who’s 39 shot and killed the young black male Kouren-Rodney Bernard Thomas, outside of his home around 1 A.M. Saturday night! Kouren was at a party celebrating the fact that he just moved into his own apartment. There was no evidence of an altercation between the two the case bears similarities to the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, in which neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman k!lled the unarmed teen in Sanford, Florida, in 2012.

Just like Trayvon’s case the murder can be partially pieced together through 911 calls. Chad’s INTENT was on k!lling/shooting somebody that night and that’s why he’s speaking with dispatch in the manor that he was with all this “protect my family, protect my neighborhood” stuff

He’s a murderer BUT due to the ignorance of the “law” and good old fashioned Americanism, he’ll walk…


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