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Trump​ ​and​ ​his​ ​thoughts​ ​on​ ​military​ ​sexual​ ​assault

On 2013 Trump Tweeted his thoughts on military sexual assault by saying “What did these 
geniuses expect when they put men and women together?”. This topic was brought up again by 
Matt Lauer during a talk at Commander In Chief Forum. Trump replied by saying that the Tweet 
was accurate which seems that in order to solve this problem we need to take women out, of the 
military. Trump’s’ solution to this issue is “not to kick them out” but that there should be a court 
system inside the military.  
Anderson Cooper  also brought up the topic during a CNN talk. Cooper asked General 
Hertling if anything is being done in regards to this issue?, General Hertling replied by saying that 
they “take these things very seriously” and “we prosecute them with a vengeance”. Regardless 
of who said what or who is wrong something needs to be done, because our troops should see 
each other as comrades not enemies. 

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