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Trump’s​ ​Distorted​ ​Facts:​ ​Donald​ ​Trump’s​ ​Mistakes​ This​ ​Week.

Trump’s statements have been in question several times since the presidential election, he  has made several, bold, false, unrealistic, statements. 
Statements such as him being against the war in Iraq, or that African Americans are starting to support him by a increasing amount. In reality polls showed that he received very little support from the African – American community.  
Some of his boldest statements, such as receiving a lot of support in regards to his immigration  policy and his opinion on women are somewhat concerning. After an article was published in the New York Times in regards to his opinion on women he said that all the women thanked him and  loved him. Out of all the women he quoted only one come to his defense. Additionally a lot of  people strongly disagree with his immigration policy. These statements has caused several Latin American countries to cut off ties with him in regards to Miss Universe competition. Trump’s policies, lies, and exaggerations might hurt American relations with other countries in  jeopardy, especially if he passes his immigration policy. Even though both sides might have exaggerated or even made false statements, Trump seems to have made a habit out of it. 

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