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Goldin Auctions has announced a 10-lot auction of personal items from the late and legendary MC Tupac Shakur we’ve learned today.

I did not begin thug life,” ‘Pac writes in the piece. “I just personified it. I couldn’t stop it if I tried but in my heart the thug ni**a has advanced 2 be a Boss Playa. So No Thug Life is Not Dead but in my heart it is. If U are sharp u will learn from this.

The quote was hand written by Shakur in an essay entitled “Is Thug Life Dead” which is also one of the most highlighted and expensive piece on auction. The piece was sent to an employee at Death Row Records -Nina Bhadreshawr- te piece was supposed to be printed as a message to youth but never was published. The current bid for the letter is $10,000 (Pac’s highschool love letter sold for $35,000 in April).


Sources tells us that other items up for sale include a handwritten letter to a childhood friend in 1988, his 1991 signed contracts for Juice and Poetic Justice, and his first contract with Digital Underground. Handwritten lyrics for “Catchin Feelings” and “Wonda Why They Call You B-I-T-C-H” are also available, along with commemorative plaques.


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