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Tyga on Kylie Jenner: ‘I was ahead of the curb. Saw her potential. She super glo’d up!’

Tyga sat down with The Breakfast Club this morning and he talks about warning Rob Kardashian before he officially got with her.. But he thinks that Rob was blinded by the sex.

yga went on “The Breakfast Club” Thursday morning and talked about his breakup with Kylie Jenner, and her brother’s relationship with Chyna. Tyga also says that He’s not in love with Kylie Jenner anymore Implies their age difference and outside influences played a role

*Charlamagne: People called you a pedophile, R.Kelly…
*Tyga: I was ahead of the curb. Saw her potential. She super glo’d up

*Leaving Chyna for Kylie hurt his image
*Implies he warned Rob about Chyna
*Chyna is a good person, but has a “different mentality”, has been through a lot – Knew Rob wasn’t gonna be able to handle her

*Kylie and him been broken up when she started dating Travis, no hard feelings

*Him and 21 Savage are cool

*The Kardashians are “women driven”, when strong men come in, they flex
*Wouldn’t date another – When it was good it was good, when it was bad, it was really bad

*The Kanye deal is a management deal. Was never official…

*His attacks on Drake/Nicki came out of frustration with his label, they “cool” now

*Denies his cars have been reposessed
*HEAVILY implies the Kardashians planted the repo stories – says there haven’t been any negative stories about him since him and Kylie broke up

*Feel more like himself, more free now that they’re done

*Enjoys the single life, not answering to anyone

*Would have advised her not to do the Pac/Biggie shirts, shades “the people around her”, says they’re not thinking

*Charla kept bringing up how young she was, asks when he saw her potential – Says Tyga was with her through all the surgeries and implants, asks if Tyga feels he prepared her for someone else… What in the grooming hell??

*Him and Chyna are cool

*Cash money owes him at least $12M in his opinion
*Signed a bad deal, he was 17 and his lawyer was their lawyer

*He’s going to be on Scream on MTV with Biggie’s son

*He’s more aware of dating in his age group

*Envy asks about the transgender he was allegedly “involved” in – he denies it

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