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Tyler Perry Outed By Straight Male Model ?


Chile, we’ve heard plenty of stories about Tyler Perry and his preying ways, but I think this story is funny because it is very detailed about how Tyler get his men, even though he claims to be a straight man… But, that’s neither here nor there.. I will never forget that Boondocks episode where they mocked the director. They say he’s big on the casting couch scene and doesn’t mind asking a handsome male who’s auditioning for one of his roles to buss it open……

Some random drop of tea was found on a MMA Forum and it seems pretty legit, they were talking about random stars old and new being homosexuals and Tyler Perry came up..

Tyler Perry tried to cast one of my friends, who’s straight, that models in one of his movies, he wanted the dude to fuck him with no rubber in his office while his girlfriend was like 8 months pregnant. Dude declined, didn’t get the part but Perry didn’t stop emailing him for like 3 months. He showed me a few screen shots of the emails, dude is a creeeep.

Another user even co-signed what the original writer said!

Tyler Perry’s casting couch is notorious. If a guy has been in a Tyler film and he was unknown before, he earned that role the hard way. Tyler won’t try that shit with the bigger names, because he needs them for studio financing and distribution. But newcomers or supporting actors, and he’s the worst butt pirate in black Hollywood!



I got nothing….. But I will sip this….



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