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Tyra Banks on Kanye West Being An Inspiration to Her!

Tyra Banks feels that Kanye West is an inspiration and she looks at him as what a lot of people need more of.

In a new interview she talks about her and her mom talk about Kanye West all the time…

From Time Magazine:

My mom and I talk about this as “Kanye West.” A lot of people are like “Kanye is so self-centered, he says all this crazy stuff!” But I look at him as what a lot of people need more of. Kanye never dulls his shine to make anyone feel comfortable. I take some things from him and tell people that everybody needs to feel like they have someone in their life that they can “be Kanye.” I was Kanye with my mama. I was able to come to my mama and say “Look, I’m on the cover of this! I’m all that! We’re doing this thing! I made $5,000 on this job. We’re going to make $10,000 on the next job! Bam bam bam!” To say it, to dream it, so it can be true — you can’t do that with everybody, because they will think you’re totally narcissistic and insane. But you need those people in your life that you can be unfiltered and dream big with.

Do you ever see yourself retiring?

I look forward to retiring one day. What I’m trying to do now is the portfolio. Businesses, the television shows. Things that are in the moment, capturing pop culture. [But] it’s not a sustainable business. There are more legacy businesses that I’m creating that will sustain past me being on this earth. That’s very important to me: Creating things that live beyond me.

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