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Uber Eats Worker’s Spit In People’s Food Who Don’t Tip!

And this is why I was always skeptical about even trying them out, apparently Uber Eats adds a tipping options for customers when they place their order, but not everyone uses it, because of that employees who drive for the company are taking their issues out on the customers who are simply ordering..

A lot of employees have become resentful because of this because Uber doesn’t encourage tipping.. As you may know, Uber is a cash free app. On ride share side of uber a tip is already included in your fare. But on Uber Eats, they don’t have a tipping option or add a tip onto your credit card. Yet you are being charged $4.99 for Uber Eats standard booking fee.
On , where workers are able to express their thoughts on their deliveries, some comments of the employees are:

‘Play a conservative game and spit on ALL of them just in case you miss a non tipper”
‘Double spit on condo deliveries’
‘They will never know if you spitted in their food so im thinking of placing pubic hair instead. What do you think?’

That is so disgusting and why would you take your frustrations that you have for the company, out on the people who are simply using the services… ? The disclaimer for Uber Eats clearly states that:

‘Tips are not included in the cost of your order. Tipping is neither expected nor required.’

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