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Usher Settles Herpes Lawsuit!

Usher has settled his $20 million dollar herpes lawsuit.

Laura Helm who sued the singer

back in 2017 dropped her initial lawsuit after both reached an amicable decision.

According to TMZ

According to court docs, Laura filed to dismiss her suit earlier this week because she and Usher have “reached an amicable resolution.” As to how much that resolution cost Usher — neither side will say.
We reached out to attorneys for both sides, and they would only repeat that word … “amicable.” The dismissal was filed with prejudice … meaning it can’t be refiled, and that’s typically done when there’s been a financial settlement. 

Fun Fact: Usher previously settled another lawsuit from 2012  for allegedly spreading herpes to an unnamed ex, who reportedly works as a celebrity stylist and he paid her $1.1 million dollars.

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