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Usher’s Mom On His Drama : ‘If I were IN CHARGE ,this USHER drama would never have gone down..’

It seems as if Usher’s mom has broken her silence about the drama that’s been going on with her son and these herpes allegations…. Click here if you missed that..

Ms. Patton has taken to Instagram to speak her peace and she feels that if she were still in charge, none of this would’ve never happened…. Not on her watch…

Ms. Patton is low-key putting the professional relationship they used to have (including protecting his image) over being a mother and cussing her son out like a normal person via behind the scenes…

Ms. Patton posted some more subs:

Fame comes with a big ticket. Can you withstand the cost? I really want to know.

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A good name is better than riches!!!! Be carful what you aspire to be or ask ………

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She betta preach….

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