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Video Inside Kim Kardashian’s Paris Hotel Finds Her Bundled Up In Blanket, Video Chatting ?

Earlier today it was being reported that Kim Kardashian has decided to sue Mediatakeout for insinuating that she was lying about the robbery heist that happened.

Kim Kardashian stated that a gang of thugs burst in on a helpless Kim, bound her with tape and zip ties, dumped the buxom beauty in a tub and helped themselves to $10 million in jewels before fleeing the scene on bicycles. NOT MOTORCYCLES, but BICYCLES.

In new video that has surfaced from her hotel it shows Kim Kardashian bundled up in a blanket, calmly video-chatting on a cell phone — and far from hysterical as she’s been publicly painted.

According to Radaronline:

Kardashian sources said the thieves swiped Kim’s phone — which doesn’t explain whose phone she’s using in the video!
“I would have expected her to have been extremely nervous, and ill at ease,” said Henderson Cooper, retired Los Angeles Police Department supervisor of detectives.
“Usually cases with civilians who are not experienced with such conflict, people get shakes, they get unstable. Sometimes they get light headed or confused and I hear nothing to suggest that.”
What’s more, Kim’s wrist — which is clearly seen on the video — appears to show NO markings from the zip ties allegedly used to bind them, or her supposedly desperate attempts to free herself!

The video footage zooms in on a door frame that shows no signs of forced entry — and the room’s lamps and furnishings are not in disarray.
Magazine clippings and photos taped to the wall remain undisturbed. Several large mirrors still hang in one piece — seemingly untouched by intruders.
A large and expensive flatscreen television stands next to the exit — left behind by the supposed thieves.
In another mystery, despite family claims that Kim was not filming for Keeping Up With the Kardashians at the time, the apartment was equipped with cameras!
In one shot, Kim’s assistant even appears to be wearing a lapel mic!

She seems calm in that video, it doesn’t make any sense. I remember when Kim lost her earrings in the water and she was having a tantrum over it.

Kim Kardashian, girl..RUN… You’re in danger…




You can basically say that it will be over if authorities reveal that Kim Kardashian lied about everything… They will get dragged to no end.


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