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Video Surfaces of Tiny & Floyd Mayweather Together During Halloween

Remember during Halloween there was a big issue going on about Tiny Harris and Floyd Mayweather taking what seemed to be a simple innocent picture? Tiny even went on to claim that she did not have any real interactions with Floyd Mayweather while partying… We’ll a video has surfaced to determine that was a big lie…

Which I don’t see the problem in TINY having a little fun, I mean, T.I. has fun all the time with other women, so why can’t his wife get it popping as well? Clifford’s hypocritical ass is gonna be heated. Peep video below:

Good for Tiny. Even though he probably can’t even count all the other people he’s been with during their marriage, this one instance of her dancing up on a man for the world to see is going to ether him. Tiny, don’t feel bad, enjoy it.

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