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Washington DC Has Record Number of HIV Infections….

D.C. has the worst number of HIV infections 1-13 residents are at risk for being diagnosed….

From the Washington Times:

According to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the District leads the nation in the rate of HIV infection, with the chance of a person ever being infected with HIV in their lifetime at 1-in-13 in the District, compared to Maryland, where 1-in-49 residents have a chance of being diagnosed HIV-positive. “It’s important to get an HIV test at least once a year and more often than that every three or six months, depending on your behavior and how much risk you may be for coming in contact with HIV or contracting HIV,” said Josh Riley, director of community commitment at the District’s nonprofit community health center Whitman-Walker. Following the District and Maryland, the states with highest rates of HIV infection are Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, New York, Texas, New Jersey, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Delaware and Alabama, according to the CDC.

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