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Watch Fatherless Bae Confront His Absentee Dad!

Watch Compton’s own Garren who is a musician decided to use the format to confront his absentee father in what he calls #FatherlessBae.

In the short clip you see Garren sitting across from his father in a non-descript room. Garren questions his dad about why his gang-banging lifestyle was more important than being with his family.

“You chose the streets as a priority, in our eyes,” Garren said. “On the times that we did find out that you were out [of prison] we were knowing after your homies. You were were on the block hanging out.”

As his father sat stoically, and at times gently rocked back and forth in the chair, Garren reminded dad of the time he selfishly missed his birthday.

“Even on my birthday I remember seeing you. You know, it was my birthday I’m looking for you and you should be looking for me, or at least calling for me.” Garren said. “Like what made you choose that life over being there for us?”

This is too much.. Watch below”

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