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Listen to the Revolution of the Fyütch-ure

Originating from a small town in Indiana, the multifaceted Southern style animated rapper named Fyütch started paving his way to his future the age of 6 for being one of the youngest public speakers for the national deficit on the steps of congress.

This move influenced his drive to promote consciously quality content and as we fast forward to Fyütch growing years, we find that he began developing his intricate sound with a band called “Biscuits and Gravy” where he started with his high school friends from Nashville, Tennessee. 

Their success grew quickly as they began getting nominated for multiple awards and  performed at the Next Big Nashville music festival alongside Kanye West and Nappy Roots.

After years of creating movements together everyone went their own creative route, and Fyütch continued to build his brand and identity; But not before he cleared up some music mainstream name confusion.

 Fyütch was originally called Future the Artist since 2005 ended up changing his name due another rapper, Future emerging and causing confusion or as Fyütch would say “Identity crisis”, quoted in the article with Nadwar and the Atlanta Future.

 Fyütch didn’t let the name change hinder his growth as he used his uniqueness to coin his style as the hip hop trap Rap star with a southern flare.

He has recently started making a buzz online on his social media platforms with his creatively way of making popular rap music into country music!

Take a look at how entertaining Country hip hop could be!

Besides all this entertainment, Fyütch made his mark as a dynamic music producing performing artist with a niche for technologically animated presentations and events.

Fyütch earned his name from intriguing  interactions with his peers and creative mentors who saw his movements as futuristic.

You can check out some of his live awesome performances here 

To keep up to date on all his latest ventures, you can follow him on

And you can also find some of his latest music here!


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