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Wendy Williams Addresses Cheating Scandal On Her Show!

Wendy Williams addressed the cheating scandal that dropped yesterday about her husband Kevin and his 30 something year old massage therapist…

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The 53-year-old TV host flashed her large wedding ring as she spoke to her live studio audience in New York City
She had earlier arrived at television studio dressed in her nightwear and surrounded by a brawny security team

She opened her show by addressing the revelation that her husband had a mistress, saying: ‘It’s weird doing Hot Topics and being a hot topic.
‘I love the attention. There’s this weird story going around regarding my husband. All you have to do is Google him and see the story.
She continued, ‘you can believe what you want’ then pauses as she holds up her large wedding ring and added, ‘I stand by my guy.’
Williams said she and her husband commuted into work together that morning and said that there was paparazzi outside the building, catching her off guard but looking ‘cute’ in her nightwear.
In reference to the DailyMail TV coverage, she added: ‘By the way, I’ll be following this story. So I guess I’ll have to watch to find out what happens.’
Williams then continued on with the rest of her show, alluding to the cheating..

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