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Wendy Williams Discusses Son’s Drug Battle and Reference’s Her Husband’s Affair

Wendy Williams reveals her struggle coping with her Kevin Jr.’s drug battle as well as standing by her husband after his affair was exposed…

Wendy opens up about her career and family in new interview with, the 54 year old talked about how her son smoked and she nursed him through recovery. Even though she put on a good front for the show, she was definitely dying inside.

Wendy knows about the battle with drugs and withdrawal herself, which seems to have made watching her son go through something similar even harder.

‘I lost 10-plus years to cocaine, so I’ve got time to make up for,’ she said. ‘And I don’t talk about it because I was outed, I talk about it because I’m Wendy and this is my truth. Besides, I got out of it. It’s not how far you fall, it’s how you get up.’

Her son’s drug of choice was K2, a synthetic cannabinoid that is similar to marijuana but often includes much more harmful chemicals. He had a problem three years ago.

Last year Daily Mail exposed that her husband, Kevin Sr. was having a 10 year long affair with their masseuse, click here if you missed that….

Wendy did respond that she was standing by her man, by addressing the rumors on her show, click here if you missed that..

Her husband didn’t just cheat on her… His mistress wears a big fat ring and lives in a $7,00000 house purchased with HER money. Nevertheless, I hope her baby boy stays sober and has a successful and productive time at college.

A one night fling and a long sustained affair with millions of dollars invested are two VERY different things. She is downplaying the shit out of it.

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