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Wendy Williams Mother In Law Willingly Admits to WITNESSING Her son Allegedly Attacking Williams!

Wendy Williams mother in law is spilling all her daughters tea and she confirms the rumors that’s been swirling around about her son beating on the talk show host as she admits to witnessing his actions herself.

The National Enquirer has released excerpts of her mother spilling the beans about her sons relationship with Williams and how violent he is with her.

The National Enquirer alleges the 54-year-old talk show host has “suffered horrendous physical abuse at the hands of her husband from hell, according to a former employee’s lawsuit!”

It gets worse — the tabloid claims they’ve conducted a month long investigation into Williams’ disappearance and can now report MULTIPLE claims that Hunter, 46, allegedly attacked Williams, “choking her, kicking her and punching her in the face!”

The Enquirer alleges Williams has helped Hunter cover up the abuse but says after the day she showed up slurring her words while sporting a sling, Hunter’s mother willingly admitted to WITNESSING her son allegedly attacking Williams:
“I saw Kevin choking out Wendy! Another time, I witnessed him kicking the s–t out of her and pushing her down the stairs,” Pearlet Hunter told The ENQUIRER exclusively.

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