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Wendy Williams Opens Up About Her Cocaine Addiction

Wendy Williams gets very candid about her cocaine addiction after launching a campaign to combat with individuals struggling with substance abuse called Be Here.

According to The Jasmine Brand:

Throughout the years, Wendy has remained transparent about her addiction to cocaine. She recently revealed she quit cold turkey saying:

“Look, I was very popular at the time I decided to stop. If I were to be busted that would’ve definitely been [a] New York Post front cover. I just woke up one day and I said, ‘Girl, you need to stop before it really goes down.’”

With skepticism of career sabotage, she also says it was her background that gave her a push to stop.

“I never got busted by the cops. Honestly, I was high careening around Manhattan and New Jersey high. I come from a two-parent household … I come from a good family and I had never shamed them, and plus I earned my career.”

The Be Here campaign is targeted to provide a deeper recognition to substance and she also wants people to know addiction, “doesn’t have to be your demise.”

The reason she’s decided to take a part in helping people overcome addiction is because,

“I lost a little over 10 years of my life regarding substance abuse, but I’m now going into Season 10 [of ‘The Wendy Williams Show’]. I’m married, I have a great career and a flourishing business … it’s not that you fall down, it’s how you rise. And if you rise, then you reach back. This is a reach back.”

As she embarks on her tenth season set to premiere on Monday, she says, “I learned to say ‘no’ more. In the first season, I said ‘yes’ to everything … I was a pleaser. Now I’m like ‘meh’. I’ve learned to take care of myself. I’m 54 years old, our son is off in college. It’s me and my husband [Kevin Hunter].”

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