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Wendy Williams To Be A Stepmom; Husband’s Alleged Mistress Pregnant?

Yes, ya’ll friends of the talks show host are worried about her and they think that she is self medicating since finding out that her husband’s alleged mistress is now expecting a baby!

According to B.Scott:

As rumors of declining health began to circulate online, Wendy spoke out in her own defense:

You all notice that I sit a lot. I love to have several seats,” she said. “I don’t just sit here. I’ve been sitting in the audience, I sit to do demo projects as well. You know why? ‘Cause I want to. ‘Cause this is my show and this is how I want t do it. I bust my ass on this show every single day.”

She added that her rigorous schedule off the show has played a role in her newly-sedentary lifestyle.

“There is not a talk show host day or not that does it better than me,” she said. “I’m not running so hard anymore. … It’s my party. Welcome to it. And in terms of how I’m feeling, I’m feeling swell.”

As we said earlier, sources close to Wendy aren’t convinced she’s “feeling swell” and believe that her battle with Graves disease is just a small partof what’s really going on.

“She’s wobbly all the time, and has been oddly cussing out Whoopi Goldberg behind-the-scenes — even though Whoopi isn’t even there,” an inside source exclusively tells

Wendy’s alleged odd-behavior has even sparked rumors of self-medication.

“[People close to Wendy] suspect she’s self-medicating (as in opioids or prescription pills),” the source continues. “[The staff] is routinely having to adjust to her wavering health issues — i.e. not walking out for the beginning of the show, zoning out at times during segments, etc. They’re embarrassed about the whole situation.”

Speaking of situations — do you remember that big scandal involving Wendy’s husband and his alleged mistress that’s living down the street from their New Jersey home? Well, our source says she might just be pregnant.

“She’s allegedly pregnant and still being kept in a home minutes from their house. I was told word around the show is that they’re going to divorce after little Kevin goes off to college.”

We know…there’s a lot of speculation going on here. Ultimately, we want Wendy to take care of herself — but it’s clear that something’s going on.

But, tea broke last year about 

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