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What Year Is This?! Ma$e Drops Diss Track Aimed at Cam’Ron and He Responds

Passa Mase drops new diss track that is aimed at Cam’Ron… Rapping over the Jay Z’s Blue Print titled ‘Oracle’ he talks about his former friend and collaborator…

Ma$e raps:

“Imagine 20 years with a bitter bitch and same the drama,” he raps. “Dame told you do this shit, you don’t see Dame’s karma? / K-9 on your ass with no distraction / Pussy ni**a wearin’ pink, guess he think he matchin’.”

Cam’ron accused his former collaborator of turning to church in order to avoid problems in the streets. “Mase wasn’t coming outside,” he said. “That shit just got a little aggressive. You go triple platinum, shit’s gonna get aggressive.

Ma$e went on to reiterate snitching allegations made against Cam, and even referenced a 2005 shooting. “Tax know you as the ni**a that snitched on the Roc,” he raps. “D.C. Crips know you as the ni**a they shot / O.G. ni**as don’t have no history with you on the block / And everybody seen the footage I got.” Listen below:

But of course Cam came back with Dinner Time… Cam makes a sexually charged allegation and responds to Ma$e’s incest bar. “You done opened up a door / I’m petty, ready for war / I ain’t got a sister, only sister I fucked was yours,” he raps. “So you gon’ tell me, when you was staying with Puff, and I came over there and used the bathroom, there wasn’t a dildo on the sink?”

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