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When Naomi Campbell Met Skepta…. Couple Confirms Relationship For British GQ!

Yesssss. Naomi Campbell is letting it be known that she is in a serious situation with British rapper Skepta, as the couple pose for the cover….

The couple met through her BFF Editor and Chief of British Vogue Edward Enniful and the rest is history..

Read story below..

According to GQ UK:

Introduced by Enninful, himself a longtime friend and collaborator of Campbell’s, the pair took Polaroids with Kate Moss before going on to the after-party together. That night Skepta lost his phone, although Campbell still has the photo. A series of Instagram images with love heart emojis chronicle the friendship that blossomed, which, this year, took a professional turn. For the launch of Skepta’s new underwear line as part of his MAINS collection, he asked Campbell to collaborate.

Issue hit stands on Thursday March 8th…

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