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Why Being Single In Your 30’s Is Actually A Good Thing!

People may disagree, but I’ve gotten great advice over the years about getting married in your 20’s and 30’s and I can say that I am glad to have followed the advice of those wise people in my life.

I could’ve been married so many times over, but things just never seemed to quite work out, either they would do something stupid and I would have to break up with them or we would just drift apart, leading separate lives. And it’s society fault that they make women think that once you hit your 30’s your biological clock to be married and reproduce starts to tick even louder. The sad part is when you hit 30 you’re just really getting to know you, what you like, dislike, tolerate, love, can’t stand and etc.

There are innumerable benefits to being unattached in your 30’s, you have so many reasons to celebrate… Not saying that you shouldn’t get married in your thirties at all, but if and when you do, I would say getting hitched at least late thirties.. By then you know what you’ll be getting into and also you will have a great sense of self… Here, all the reasons you should celebrate if you find yourself sans partner once you hit 30.


You have some people who always feel the need to be with someone when going places, especially ones of the opposite sex! It’s ok to be by yourself and go places without being co-dependent on someone…


The friends you make in your 20s are circumstantial friends.. In your thirties you’re more chill and relaxed wanting to be around people or gain friends that have the same vibe or mental capacity as you…


It is easier to date in your thirties I can attest to this, at this stage in my life, I am not here for anyone who doesn’t even have any 401k, Life Insurance and Benefits to take care of themselves. A man who has their own and not crazy… Even though you have some men who do have all these things, they’re also crazy as hell! You know what you’re looking for out of a mate so it becomes easier to weed out what interest you in the opposite sex.


Your mind becomes more open to doing and trying things vs. when you were in your 20’s… Your more open minded.


You can travel with great freedom without feeling like you’re attached to a ball and chain! You can have fun and live life without worrying.. I mean you can do that in your twenties too, but in your 30’s your more grateful and appreciative about seeing the world and enjoying those moments with your friends…

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THIS right here! I’ve always had friends who were older than me and they would try and direct me and my life, when their lives needed major overhaul! I’ve learned from people what not to do in my lives and I truly thank those ones, because without them I probably would’ve made the same errors as well… When dealing with people and seeing the mistakes that they make you learn what not to do in life, especially when presented with the same situation.


Just what it says.. Everyday is your own.. In your 20’s you go with the motions and let your mood dictate how your day will be, where in your 30’s you set the tone for yourself and create your day. You start to see what’s truly important!

With all these different things you see that being by yourself and getting to know you in your thirties is really not a bad thing, even though some women think so.. Don’t live by societies standards about where they think you should be in life.. Create your path, career and stability and all the other things like a relationship and great people in your life will come… It won’t be forced and you won’t have to question!


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