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Why Everybody Really Hates Drake 

Tea was dropped months ago about the industry’s disdain for the kid and there were plans to start a little disruptive behavior and rumors about Drake… Well now it all makes sense why people like Meek are taking shots… A lot of people in the music Biz feels as if Drake is a user and is only here to help him self…. But that’s neither here nor there.. To be honest that’s the industry in itself.. Peep the tea….

The Source Claims

First off, I can’t speak on whether Drake writes his rap lyrics or whether Quentin Miller is responsible for them because I’m not 100% sure myself. However, I can say 100% that the majority of the song-writing for Drake’s R&B songs are not handled by him. Majid Jordan were responsible for Mine from Beyonce and Hold On, We’re Going Home. The Weeknd wrote extensively for Drake during his Take Care times, but that’s already widely known. PARTYNEXTDOOR has wrote for Drake more than a few times. There was actually friction between them around December over some songs. I believe Drake resolved all that with a nice check to PARTYNEXTDOOR. Ask if you’d like me to expand on that. 
I didn’t know about Meek being mad about Drake missing his homecoming concert, but if Karen Civil is telling the truth and that is the reason why Meek is mad at him and called him out, it would make sense. It ties in with the reasons why a lot of people in the industry dislike Drake. They feel he’s fake and just uses them to help him with his image and then throws them to the side when he gets what he wants. It’s the same reason why there was tension between Future and Drake a while back and why there was tension between Migos and Drake. There is tinges of jealousy there, but most of the animosity towards him comes because he’s not the person he portrays himself to be. Drake isn’t that much of a nice guy, he’s just a shrewd businessman.

Let me expand on the tension that was between Migos and Drake to give you an idea of why Drake is so disliked. Do you remember when Drake hopped on Versace a couple summers ago? Basically, Drake made them give him all the publishing for the Versace Remix so that Migos couldn’t make any money off of the record. Migos were mad about this because Drake used this to keep his name hot and build up hype for his album, yet what did they receive in return? Nothing, because they couldn’t make a cent. And that record was going to blow up with or without a Drake contribution. So who was he helping, Migos or himself? That kind of behavior is partially the reason why a lot of cats have got such a big problem with Drake. 
Oh, and remember when I told ya’ll in my tea thread a few months back that Drake had a snake in his camp? Looks like he hasn’t gotten rid of that snake, considering the fact that he is having reference tracks leaked to Funkmaster Flex. 

P.S. Geraldine Blank, Miza, Trubloo and co – Your presence and derailment is expected. Please take these five fingers to the face with one hand and this middle finger with the other hand. Spit if you want, and I’m sure you will, but please keep it down to one post about how this tea is fake/fan-fiction/stolen from blogs or how Drake is a God and is untouchable because he is Jewish. Trust, we all get it the first time and don’t need to read it over and over and over again. 
Onto 300 Entertainment. I don’t know if y’all know about them, but they are an independent record label founded by Lyor Cohen and a few other Jewish industry vets. Fetty Wap, Young Thug, Migos etc are on their roster.

300 Entertainment is basically the new Cash Money. The deals they have their new artists locked into make their record label like a borderline sweatshop. Their pockets are being raped and they are stuck in iron clad contracts, however, they are putting on for their artists. Watch out for all these artists that seemingly come out of nowhere with big hits and then are suddenly all over the charts or the blogs, the chances are that they are signed to 300. 
That’s Lyor Cohen’s business plan. Sign artists that are relatively unknown and desperate to get on and then take them for every cent. Lyor is making the most of his connections for Fetty. They think he is the one. The next platinum selling artists. Time will tell, but a lot of money is going into him and expect to see him around for sometime..

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