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Why We All Become The Walking Dead!

By now anyone aware of AMC’s show “The Walking Dead” knows that the show’s title is a reference to the surviving remnants of humanity as they struggle in the aftermath of a zombie epidemic.

From the scatter shots hold up in farmhouses and industrial slums, to the residents at Alexandria and Rick and The Motley assortment of characters around him, survivors need not only hack and blast through ranks and waves of ravenous un dead intent on devouring them, But must also defend whatever tentative sanctuary they inhabit against crazed raiders and blood thirsty marauders that often pose a grizzlier end than the zombies that lurch and lumber in the waste.

The new season has already battered u “No Pun Intended” with the loss of two beloved party members; Abraham the Ginger Hulk chosen by Neegan to be “punished” for the groups discipline, and Glenn, beaten to paste for Daryl’s lack of composure. Lucille” Neegan’s name for his barb wire rat bat is indeed as he claims a **Dirty Girl** we will all undoubtedly as Neegan has suggested think about what’s happen and think about what can still happen.

Will the luman figure of King Ezekiel and “The Kingdom” play a pivotal role? Will Maggie have a child and rise to avenge Glenn’s death? And what about Daryl? Will he escape his captors, cross bow in tow ? Will Neegan’s request to Rick of “Bring Me My Axe” come to haunt him ?

Speculate as we may, the writers will undoubtedly keep us biting down hard on the bit for what’s to come..

Written by B. King…….

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