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Will Packer : “Monique’s Husband Need to Sit Back & Realize its HIM!”

Jawn Murray is coming to Will Packer’s defense and reading an email that he sent to Monique’s husband Sydney and they are also clearing a couple of Monique’s claims…

While on the Sway morning show, Monique claims that the lead actors of “Almost Christmas” got paid less than 1 million dollars combined to appear in that movie.

Monique said that she only agreed to do the movie b/c Will Packer said if she did this for him….he would sign her to a 3 picture deal & a TV show, which never happened.. Ladies, this is what happens when you a let a man run your career and he doesn’t have your best interest at heart!

Monique did the least amount of marketing, but she got paid the most…

Now Jawn Murray read an email that Will Packer sent to Monique’s husband in regards to the matter and it appears that Monique is telling lies, at the 25:00 mark:

Will tells Jawn that his team & Universal Pictures went out of their way and bent over backwards to accommodate Monique, he also stated that he was warned by numerous people not to hire her… But, he wanted to give her a chance..

Will ends everything on saying that, Monique’s husband needs to sit back & realize that its HIM…..

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