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Women Rock But Trump Cards Win; An American Reinvention

Contrary to popular believe “and vote” Donald J. Trump will make America great again. For whom? All women, Muslims, Christian’s, Immigrants, minorities, the majority, poor and homeless, the incarcerated, the uneducated, urban, rural or suburban neighborhoods.

I mean, he is the next president, so he has to right? There are no do overs. No re dealing of the cards. No let’s do it again. I want to exercise my vote now or I voted for the wrong candidate… Sorry people… This election solidified the notion that the system is rigged…

Trump told us! Just like Back to The Future predicted that in 2016 the Chicago Cubs would win the World Series.. I guess, Biff is our Donald Trump. America has spoken, Land of the free! Home of the brave!

Back to the Future predictions; watch below:

Supporters of Trump and protesters that are against Trump are rightfully embodying the founding father’s refusal to remain silent. No matter the criticism, doubt, quiet fears and division it causes, they vowed to constantly fight for the freedom to choose.

This truth is most evident in our glorious Declaration of Independence; “That All men and women are created equal”.

We the people! History prove otherwise. The underlying fact is that Donald Trump held on to this principal, propelling him to billionaire success and now the 45th commander and chief.

He was labeled unpopular, rude, vulgar, unpolished, unsophisticated , racist and ignorant choice leader of the free world. Yet our history clearly illustrates that America itself are all these things. In comparison, President Barack Obama is an eloquent, calculated, understanding, patient and tactful leader who supports government, bureaucrats and elite groups of professional.

Donald Trump is the complete opposite. However their views rest on two common facts; Change is needed and both have won against all odds.

There success proves that the American spirit can not be destroyed. Simply by choosing not to implore what other people’s opinion of them are… Instead reinventing themselves, along with America. The imminent British historian Ann Arthur, Paul Johnson writes, “One of the essential characteristics of the U.S. is it’s capacity to reinvent itself, while remaining true to it it’s essentials freedom, individualism; love and justice and equality of opportunity. Never despair over America. Just when you think it’s making an unholy mess of it’s role in the world’s greatest superpower, it’s preparing for a great leap forward into the future.”

Many believed that Hillary Rodham Clinton was that future. A sure Vegas odds bet to become the first woman U.S. President. The glass ceiling shattered, and an inspiration for every young girl and woman throughout the world, Mrs. Clinton you’re all that and more.. Whether a fan of her politics or not, Secretary Clinton is the rudiment of Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth and many great women right’s activist before her…


Without their struggle or sacrifice it would be unimaginable to have a woman in the same room with men discussing politics. Although she did not become president, she payed Susan B. Anthony’s $100 fine and countless other women not mentioned, for voting in the 1872 presidential election in Rochester New York a million times over.


And in Sojurner truth words, *And Ain’t I A Woman? (1851)*, “If the first woman god ever made, was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, these women together ought to be able to turn it back, and get it right side up again.”

Women rock!

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