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Wyclef Jean Compares Young Thug to Tupac x David Bowie

The disrespect to Tupac’s legacy is all too real at this stage in the game…. I would’ve thought Wyclef knew better…. Young Thug recruited Wyclef for a song on his mix-tape entitled Kanye West and it turns out, their collaboration still has the former Fugees member feeling inspired. Maybe a little too…..

In a recent interview with Pigeons & Planes, the veteran musician refers to Thugger as a “revolutionary” while also comparing him to some of music history’s biggest names.

“He reminded me of a modern Tupac, in a sense — in a revolutionary sense,” Jean shares. “I mean that by, alright, you might see a thug, but his connection to history seemed similar to what Pac understood, of like, ‘This is who the Black Panthers are. Read this book, read that book.’ This kid understands.”

Not only did he compare him to Tupac, but he also poses the question, “What’s really the difference between what [David] Bowie was doing and what this kid is doing?”

clef goes on to say:

“Because when Bowie was doing it, a group of people understood what he was doing, obviously,” Jean elaborates. “And then there were people who didn’t understand what the f**k he was doing. And those people saying Thugga is a revolutionary fully get what he is doing. Because he is a revolutionary, he’s changing the thought pattern.”

He also details what it was like collaborating with Thugger…He calls him a genius and how he was amazed seeing Thugger getting into his mode to create GOOD MUSIC….


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