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Your First Look at Tyler Hoechlin As Superman Has Arrived and You’re Going to Howl Like a Werewolf At The Moon

A month back, it was announced that Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf) would be playing Superman in the CW show Supergirl. The news was a little surprising since most people probably thought Superman would never actually be seen in the show thanks to Henry Cavill’s incredible Man of Steel. Still, there weren’t many people complaining that werewolf hottie Derek Hale would be playing the Clark Kent to Melissa Benoist’s Kara Danvers (she’s Supergirl).

Now there’s even photographic evidence of the casting choice. The first promo photo for the second season of Supergirl has been released and it stars the whole super family (which is technically made up of just two people, but still it’s Superman and Supergirl and that’s exciting enough).


Hoechlin certainly looks otherworldly in his costume and gives the all-American dream a new meaning. He may not be Henry Cavill, but he can work the tights!

Benoist, on the other hand, looks pretty snazzy in the costume she had throughout the first season and if I had to choose who I wanted to save the day for me, I’d probably go with her. She just looks a bit more…prepared in the photo.

Overall, the pair are sure to be great in the two episodes Hoechlin is scheduled to be in at the beginning of the season. This nerd girl is feeling pretty happy with the casting choice. Pretty happy indeed.

What do you guys think? Will Hoechlin make a good Superman or is he too Clark Kent to do a decent job of playing the hero? Comment below and start a convo!

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