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Zoe Saldana Opens Up About Her Post-Pregnancy Body and Husband Taking Her Last Name


Zoe Saldana is gracing the cover of InStyle July 2015 issue n the spread (shot by fashion photographer Paul Maffi), the 37-year-old actress and mother of twin boys, Bowie Ezio and Cy Aridio, opens up about motherhood and how its changed her life — both physically and emotionally. The star reveals that she’s come to the realization that she may never see her pre-pregnancy body again — and she’s 100 percent okay with that. She also talks about her husband taking her last name as well.. Check out some excerpts inside.

On her husband taking her last name: “I tried to talk him out of it. I told him, ‘If you use my name, you’re going to be emasculated b your community of artists, by your Latin community of men, by the world.’ But Marco [Perego] looks up at me and says [she puts on a cute Italian accent], ‘Ah, Zoe, I don’t give a sheet.’”

On her post-pregnancy body: “I don’t want to get back to where I used to be. I want to feel healthy, and not just fit into the old jeans I used to wear. I’m a woman now. My body has changed forever. It’s softer… and stronger.”

On how motherhood changed her marriage: “Finally, when we had our boys, I looked at my husband and I realized: I was meant for you, and you were meant for me. I’ve always felt comfortable around men as long as they were my friends. Now I finally feel comfortable with my lover.”



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