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Georgia Cop Charged For Fabricating Story About Being Shot By A BLACK MAN

According to the  Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Officer Sherry Hall has been charged with four felonies for fabricating an entire story about being shot a black man.

The charges include “false statements, tampering with evidence, inference with government property and violation of Oath of Office, CBS News additionally reports hall’s story began on the night of Sept. 13 while on a standard patrol after midnight.

“Hall said she exited her patrol vehicle and questioned the unidentified person as to what’s his business in this location. He then “became argumentative,” Chief James Morgan said while recalling Hall’s story. The male figure “pulled a weapon and fired one round” in Hall’s direction, which hit “her in the lower abdomen area” of her bulletproof vest. Hall said she fired one round before the man retreated from the scene, and treated her “deep bruise” at a local hospital.”

A description of the male was highlighted throughout Jackson, but after Hall engaged in a series of interviews with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, authorities concluded that her recollection was entirely false.

Authorities didn’t confirm nor deny that Hall, who was on the force for three months, most likely shot herself.

“Cops are humans and they make mistakes, but this is not a mistake,” said Butts County Sheriff Gary Long. “This is criminal.”

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