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5 Black Beauty & Fashion YouTubers You Should Checkout



It can sometimes be difficult to find good makeup tips and advice as a woman of color. You search through tons of videos looking for someone who has the same skin tone or curl pattern. You want to know if the lipstick you’ve been eyeing will look good on a woman of color, because lots of times companies don’t use models with our tones. Here is a list of 6 beautiful black women who are answering your calls for help.

Who: Cydnee Black

Video types: Tutorials, reviews, GRWM

Why: First off, she’s gorgeous! I mean can we please talk about how beautiful her skin is? Anyways, she posts a wide array of videos featuring tons of different products. She’s also super sweet which makes it easy to watch her. She can do looks from everyday to dramatic. And before you ask, yes her eyes are really blue.

Who: GlamTwinz334 (Kendra & Kelsey)

Video types: Hair, GRWM, tutorials, favorites, hauls, and fashion

Why: These twins have great style. Their style look books will have you running to the store to update your wardrobe. On top of that they are ultimate #hairgoals. These girls are all natural and their hair is all theirs. They don’t wear weaves, but wear various protective styles to keep their hair healthy. They share great tips on retaining length and also share products they use. They are also great to watch for natural makeup looks.

Who: Naptural85

Video types: Hair (natural hair care)

Why: So I just got put on Naptural85 (don’t judge) and she is amazing. Her 25 minute detangling video will get your life together. Seriously! The video is a little over a year old, but it works wonders. Ever since I started using her method, detangling my natural hair is super easy and cuts my blow drying time in half. She shares tons of different styles you can achieve with your natural hair; as well as DIY products that your hair will love.

Who: Nitraa B

Video types: Tutorials, hauls, fitness/weightloss, hair, and fashion

Why: Nitraa has a bubbly personality that’s so fun to watch. Her makeup and hair are always on point. One of my favorite things about her is that she uses products that are affordable. She also shares a lot of codes with her subscribers to get discounts on products. She’s currently on a weightloss journey and is sharing it will all of her followers. Watching one of her videos motivated me to drop the slice of pizza in my hand and get my life together.

Who: Ellarie

Video types: Hair, tutorials, and reviews

Why: This girl is fun! Her makeup looks will make you want to step out of your comfort zone and try fun, vibrant colors. She collaborated on a lipstick line with Colourpop. Her Ellarie lippie stix and lip pencil are beautiful and look amazing on WOC. She also does some videos with her daughter which are super cute and fun to watch. She even has a separate channel for her daughter featuring hair products and styles for children.


Who are your favorite YouTubers? Who do you watch for the best beauty tips and advice? Let us know in the comments!

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