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Check out a Sneak Peek of This Week’s Empire Episode: ‘The Devil Quotes Scripture’


This is my show, ever since the first episode I’ve been hooked, for this week’s episode “The Devil Quotes Scripture,” the Lyons trek it to Philadelphia to sample what life would have been like had Lucius remained an unknown Philly boy. Here, the Empire Records CEO co-signs his rapper son Hakeem’s new relationship with hip-hop vixen Tianna until a fiesty vixen (played by special guest star and supermodel Naomi Campbell) tries to get in between.

Episode 3 also spotlights the new song “Bad Girl” by Tianna and soulful singer V Boseman, who opened Episode 1 as Veronika, the Empire Records signee who can sang. While working on “What Is Love?” for the show, Bozeman says co-writer Cee Lo Green was no Lucius but definitely inspired her to let loose.

“I would go in the studio and be so serious and he’ll go ‘Girl, loosen up!’,” she tells VIBE. “He taught me how to not take myself so seriously and have fun with music again.”

Preview “Bad Girl” below and catch more of V and the rest of the cast on Empire this Wednesday on Jan. 21 at 9pm ET/PT.



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