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Maxwell Osborne Charges The Fashion Industry To Support BLM

In an open letter in W magazine Maxwell, Osbourne, One-half of Public school calls on the fashion industry to join the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Osbourne said he’s been inspired by the 30-year-old movement since its inception and at 33 years old, he participated in the first peaceful protest. After Sitting at his desk contemplating how he could as a designer contribute, he found his answer.

“I didn’t know what to expect, but I was immediately taken back by the camaraderie. Everybody, a big melting pot of people reflective of the city they call home, seemed proud to be there. We were all standing together, side by side, a bunch of strangers chanting the same thing: Black. Lives. Matter.” Maxwell wrote.

As his letter continues, he reminds the reader and the industry that foraying into support for the Black Lives Matter movement wouldn’t be their first collective step for a cause. The fashion industry has been a long support of breast cancer and HIV/AIDS awareness through designs, shows, and even press. As Osbourne requests, the industry has ample opportunity to diversify their campaigns and runways, raise awareness, use their massive social media followings to incite discussion. He asks that the not forget about the young black men and women of tomorrow.

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