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Check Out: Money And Violence Web Series (Full Season 1)


We are putting you on what’s popping and buzzin out here, that every hood no matter where you’re from can relate too. Money and Violence … Where it gives you a taste of what life is like in Brooklyn…  Check out the full season inside… You’ll thank us later…

Episode 1: This is a peek in to the streets of Brooklyn.

Episode 2: Rafe opens up to Miz about his financial situation as Kane still unsuccessfully searches for employment.

Episode 3: Kane gets pushed to his breaking point, the tables turn on Rafe & Miz bumps in to an old friend.

Episode 4: There are talks of retaliation for Donovan’s killing. Miz brings Shane in to the fold for the next job and Rafe makes a very tough decision.

Episode 5: Things are beginning to heat up behind Donovan’s murder and everybody hits Eastern Parkway for the Labor Day parade.

Episode 6: Kane learns a valuable lesson on his first job with Rafe. Jessica finally bumps in to Shay for the first time since she’s moved to Brooklyn and an overheard conversation might trigger a war on the streets of Flatbush Brooklyn.

Episode 7: Things are heating up on the streets of Brooklyn as Fresh returns to Flatbush for a surprise visit, Miz gets word of the possible war. Tai brings Shane to see an old friend and Rafe offers Kane an exit before moving on to the next job.

Episode 8: Maggs delivers on his promise to Miz. Rafe receives a helping hand on some cash. Shane and Tai bump heads as Tai decides to go bios own route to put his plans in order and G and Fresh prepare for an upcoming war.

Episode 9: Rafe makes a new friend. Tai makes a move to put his plans in order. Shane has a really bad day and Miz catches himself in a mystery.

Episode 10: A job goes terribly wrong. Shane attempts to bounce back from his altercation. Kane bumps in to an old friend and Miz and Maggz try to track down a missing link to Tes’s murder.

Episode 12: Black hands a great tip to Rafe. Shane continues to lurk the streets of Brooklyn in an attempt to find a way to repay his debt to Miz and Maggz stumbles across what he and Miz were searching for.

Episode 13: Things are heating up on the streets of Brooklyn as Maggz shows Miz the location of the Jamaicans. Shane finds out that everything that glitters isn’t gold and Rafe nearly misses out on an opportunity.

Episode 14: A plan comes together although Rafe isn’t too keen on it. The tables are turned on shane while G and Fresh try to piece together the reason behind Yardie’s death.

Episode 15: Rafe and Miz are closing in on Cash as Chyna finally gets what she was fishing for.Shane is left defenseless by another one of tai’s underhanded schemes and G, Fresh and B.R make a bold move after Yardie’s death.

Episode 16: Tai pushes to the next step of his plan while the plug Capone asks for a favor from Miz. Kane learns a new lesson as he finds out that it may be a small world but the streets are even smaller.

Episode 17: While Rafe and Miz close in on Cash’s location, Kane tries to find a way to defend himself after learning how small the streets are. Black tries to cook up the biggest fish yet and G and Fresh take another stroll through the streets of Flatbush.

Episode 18: Shane closes in on Tai while Kane continues to look for a source of income, Maggz brings Rafe in on what’s been going on and Miz prepares himself for whatever may come.

Episode 19: Rate approaches Miz about something that he was left in the dark about. The problem between Shane and Leon escalates and G, Fresh and B.R come to Flatbush with a different approach.

Episode 20: Miz receives word about the Jamaican’s last scored point. Shane starts questioning Tai’s loyalty while Kane continues to try to find his footing in the jungle that they call Brooklyn.

Episode 21: Miz fills Rafe in on some bad news. Rafe asks Chyna to kick things in gear and Shane gets back on the ball from where he and Miz had left off.

Episode 22: With the new year fast approaching, everyone is preparing themselves for the year to come on the streets of Brooklyn.

Episode 23: Black has complications with the dish he’s serving. When what’s in the dark comes to light true colors are shown and Rafe and Miz make an attempt to begin tying up loose ends for the new year.

Season Finale four parts:

It’s truly official… Congratulations on the success… We can’t wait until season 2 starts…

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