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Dating Chronicles: Maybe he’s just not that into U

You have been over thinking everything but 48 hours have passed, and you still have yet to hear from him. Things seem to be going great just until that last kiss you shared. You went from texting every day to barely receiving a call or text.

Why is it that women will cut off all their possibilities when they don’t know the direction of the situation you are in is headed? Why do women already see themselves with someone and already plan the relationship out in their head?  Women love to fanaticize about the idea of being with someone.

Back to our current dilemma:

It’s been 48 hours where the hell is he?   You text him, but the conversation lacks flow when you speak it is dryer than the conversations you have with you conscious, which are dry, one-sided, lacking flow.  You think to yourself what happened?  Is it me? Maybe it’s my fault?

Honey, it’s not your fault although you feel like it is I mean all you did was share a kiss. He leaned in 90%, and you leaned in to seal the deal. What is wrong with the male species? Who knows,  I’m sure none of us will understand maybe he’s just not that into you.

We are told let him pursue you. Let him show you that he wants you to be in his life, be patient, so you wait even if it’s longer than you like you decide to be patient and see what happens next.    We will talk about that kiss later you say

Then you receive that text…….

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