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Mel Gibson’s Baby Mother Loses Out On Big Pay Day After Violating Gag Order!

Mel Gibson’s baby mother had ONE job! Just one! But instead she was being too money hungry, now she lost out big time.. Oksana Grigorieva, just got word from a California appeals court that they ruled he’s only entitled to 1/60 of what should could have gotten from him had she just kept her mouth shut!

This is all steming from a 2013 interview she did with Howard Stern blasting her baby fava Mel Gibson for abusing her, he was supposed to pay $750,000 — a settlement he had struck with her — but had only shelled out $250,000.

According to TMZ:

The agreement said she would forfeit the balance if she blabbed about her allegations, and the court said that’s exactly what she did when she went on Stern. So, Mel does not have to pay the $500k balance.

Mind you … Mel had agreed to pay Oksana $15 million if she kept those horrible audiotapes secret, but she changed her mind thinking she could get even more and disavowed the deal. Instead of $15 mil, she eventually struck a deal for $750k … and that has now been whittled down to $250k.

This is a prime example, you never win when you play dirty!


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