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Soon Gonorrhea Maybe Resistant to All Antibiotics!

Wouldn’t that be some ish, a bunch of people dying from the clap in the 21st century? Clean penis seems very rare to find nowadays and this is why I am now stingy with the cooty cat!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday that the wily Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteria may be developing resistance to the only two antibiotics left that can cure the sexually transmitted disease.
The drugs, azithromycin and ceftriaxone, are used in combination to treat gonorrhea, a strategy experts hope will prolong the period during which these critical drugs will work.

But a nationwide surveillance program showed rises in the percentage of gonorrhea samples that were resistant to one or the other drug in 2014. In the case of azithromycin, there was a fourfold rise in the portion of samples that were resistant.

This bacteria has demonstrated the ability, repeatedly, to develop antibiotic resistance to the drugs that have been used for it,” the first author of the report, Dr. Robert Kirkcaldy, told STAT.“The potential for untreatable gonorrhea is a very real possibility in the future.”

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