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Steep Your Soul: The Advice from Iyanla Vanzant

Iyanla Vanzant speaks her words of Advice on Super Soul Sunday. The bestselling author and spiritual leader. Iyanla knows that there’s nothing love can’t  fix. Her show Iyanla Fix My Life is now entering its sixth season, and it remains compelling, moving,  and filled with love.

In the show, she accepts people within the alignment of truth, non-judgment, and respect. On Super Soul Sunday she spoke with Oprah about her everyday morning ritual. She says as soon as she awakes she opens to Psalm 23,  sages her house out; she makes her coffee,  reads her course of miracles for the day, and her Jesus calling, and opens her Bible to her head and reads whenever she opens it.

While visiting on Super Soul Sunday,  she talked about her latest book Trust  Ms. Vanzant explains the deeply rooted work she had to do within herself to recalibrate her life. When asked what advice would she give to her younger self she says  ” she would give her actually the advice that her father gave her and at the time she didn’t value it, but it has become one of the grounding forces of her life, Sit down, shut up, and listen. I do it every day”.

I wanted to share this with you all readers because It can be very difficult learning to do the work you have to do within yourself. I believe inspirational stories that people faced helps others in the process of healing. So listen to your soul, open your eyes to your surroundings, and find peace within yourselves.

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