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Study Show That Miami Is One Of THE WORST Cities In America!

I would’ve never thought Miami would be deemed the ‘WORST’, what seems like paradise with celeb filled parties and sun filled beaches with luring tourist a new study, Miami is the worst city to live in in America. Not even Detroit, long known for its high crime and poverty levels, is as bad Florida’s party hotspot, according to 24/7 Wall Street.

The report concluded that Miami has one of the biggest income inequality gaps in the country.more than one in four people live in poverty.
Crime rates are also high, with 1,060 incidents per 100,000 people.Detroit was rated the second-worst place to live. Unlike Miami, the Michigan capital has an incredibly low median house value – but that reflects a flailing real estate market. And despite a recent uptick in the number of manufacturing jobs, it is still well below average.

The top 1 per cent earns $2 million. That is 45 times more than the average income of everyone else which is $31,917 a year, far below the national average of $53,657.Meanwhile properties are valued well above the national median of $181,200, at $245,000.


1. Miami, FL
2. Detroit, MI
3. Paterson, NJ
4. Hawthorne, CA
5. Fall River, MA
6. Birmingham, AL
7. Memphis, TN
8. Flint, MI
9. Cleveland, OH
10. Gary, IN
11. Westminster, CA
12. Jackson, MS
13. Dayton, OH
14. Buffalo, NY
15. St Louis, MO
16. Canton, OH
17. Mount Vernon, NY
18. Rockford, IL
19. Wilmington, DE
20. Youngstown, OH
21. Albany, GA
22. Milwaukee, WI
23. Springfield, MA
24. Houston, TX
25. Camden, NJ

26. Baltimore, MD
27. Lawrence, MA
28. Lansing, MI
29. Springfield, IL
30. Knoxville, TN
31. Kansas City, MO
32. South Bend, IN
33. Akron, OH
34. Racine, WI
35. Lorain, OH
36. Peoria, IL
37. Tucson, AZ
38. Cincinnati, OH
39. Toledo, OH
40. Oakland, CA
41. Santa Barbara, CA
42. San Francisco, CA
43. Newark, NJ
44. New York, NY
45. Davis, CA
46. Washington, DC
47. Boston, MA
48. Chico, CA
49. Palo Alto, CA
50. Bellingham, WA

In third place is Patterson New Jersey, where more than 30 per cent of residents live in poverty – almost double the national rate. Read the full story here!

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