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Suicide Bomber Attack In Germany; One Person Killed, Others Injured!

Same ish, different day. An explosion in the southern German city of Ansbach was a suicide attack, according to the region’s interior minister. The bomber died in the blast.

The bomber was a 27 year old Syrian refugee who was denied entry into the event due to the lack of a ticket. Twelve people have been injured in the shooting. Authorities said the bomber had previously applied for asylum in Germany but had had his application rejected. He was also known to police in Ansbach for previous offenses. German media outlets reported that he had previously attempted suicide.

I mean earlier that day a man killed a woman with a machete in Reutlingen. The 21-year-old Syrian asylum seeker came to Germany one year ago, according to a police statement, and he was known to police for property thefts and assault.
Police said the woman was 45 years old and from Poland.

Then on Friday there was a shooting in Munich!… Read more at

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