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The Senate Approved a Defense Bill That Requires Women To Register For The Draft

Well women have been fighting for equal rights! The senate voted yesterday to approve a defense bill that would for the first time in history require women to register for a potential military draft after they turn 18, as men do now.

The National Defense Authorization Act passed in the Republican-led Senate 85-13, with seven Democrats and six Republicans voting against it. The bill approved Tuesday requires women who turn 18 on or after Jan. 1, 2018, to register for Selective Service. The draft has not been used since 1973 during the Vietnam War.

Obama has warned that he would veto the bill, which also approves $602 billion in military spending, keeping the Guantanamo Bay prison open, and halting the Pentagon from closing several military bases around the world.
The House passed its own defense bill in May and will meet with the Senate to come up with a compromise between the two versions. The House’s bill excluded the women draft requirement, but both chambers agreed on keeping Guantanamo open, against President Obama’s wishes.

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