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Where Do We Go From Here: Date chronicles

You haven’t heard from him in 24 hours, so your starting to panic just a bit, not too much but just a bit. Maybe you’re overly dramatic Maybe your over thinking this entire thing. Did you move too fast? Did I rush a bit? Was it even worth it? Where will we go from here?

So reading this I’m sure you all are thinking what the heck is Ciarra talking about? I had the random discussion the other day with a few friends on dating and the first encounters after. I wanted to hear different perspectives on this one.

The topic that comes along is simply hilarious to me but the one thing that remains the same is the one thing that is always consistent.  Women over think things 80% of the time well maybe a bit more, but this is all I am willing to accept.

What happens when you’re talking to someone for a couple of months, and the two of you decide to go on a date. The date is going great, your laughing, enjoying one another and the night slowly ends. You go to your car he walks you over; you exchange a hug and upon the release he looks you in the eye comes in very close and gives off the impression he wants to kiss you, so he moves in closer, so you take the initiative and close the deal.

Oh my! you had your first kiss, and that was incredible. It lasted a little longer than expected and now you the next day follows, and you noticed you haven’t heard from them all day. What do you do? What’s next?

So now this brings me back to you all readers, who should kiss who first? Is it alright for the girl to dive in when the guy leaned in 90%? Does kissing on the first date complicate things?

From my research and conversations with friends and family, most people think that guys should take the first leap. They believe men should take control. However if he leans in with the 90%, it’s alright to kiss him.

I also got feedback that kissing should probably wait until third or fourth date because it could confuse the flow of things. What do you think readers? Comment below!!

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